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23 Different Weapon Systems in Hanover

At the Golden Tiger School Of Kung Fu, we are proud to offer the widest array of weapons self-defence classes in the Hanover area. With 23 different weapon-system classes available, we’re sure to offer the class that’s right for you. And we have the skill, equipment, and expertise to help you develop your technique, improve your fitness level, and achieve a mindful state of being. With us, you’ll become a seasoned fighter with the physical and mental fortitude to overcome any obstacle.

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Local Weapons-Training Lessons for All Levels

We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming learning environment to all our students. Our academy is open to students of all ages and ability levels. And to meet your needs, we utilize an individualized teaching style that ensures every student receives excellent technical and practical instruction. We diligently monitor every one of our students to make sure that they fight and exercise safely and responsibly.

Fun and Affordable Weapons Training

We design our classes to be an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. Using a combination of innovative activities and traditional instruction, we empower our students to master their weapon and gain full control over their bodies. Each lesson offers an intensive work out that engages your full body and helps you get in peak physical condition. Believe us though: it’s a blast! We guarantee you’ll have fun in our lessons!

In addition, we strive to make our classes accessible to everyone. We keep our prices as low as possible so that everyone in the Hanover area can join.

Enjoy the Widest Array of Weapons-Training Equipment

We are a fully-equipped facility with the largest selection of martial arts equipment in Hanover. If you’re looking for weapons training, we’re bound to deliver the right course for you.

Self-Development in Every Weapons-Training Class

We are committed to continual self-development. That means we teach our students not only how to become better warriors, but also better people. Our classes are designed to improve both your physical fitness and your mental well-being, helping you become more confident and self-disciplined. Our students often express that they find inner peace in our classes and that their training provides a form of self-expression. For them, our school is a place where they can realize their full potential and find a healthy and harmonious balance between their mind and body.

Take a Weapons Class with a Martial Arts Master

Terry Sulkye is the founder of the Golden Tiger School Of Kung Fu and a World Champion martial artist. He has dedicated his life to martial arts for over 38 years. Driven by his passion for teaching, he opened our school to provide top-notch self-defence classes to the people of Hanover. Thanks to his diligence, skill, and expertise, every student that enters his doors receives an outstanding education and an exceptional experience in the world of martial arts.

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At the Golden Tiger School Of Kung Fu, we provide the very best weapons-training classes in Hanover. We know it, our students know, and we want you to know it too.

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